Help!  I need flowers for someone and have no idea what I’m doing.

This is our specialty!  Most people who come in the shop are buying flowers for a special person or occasion.  You can select a single wrapped bunch of blossoms; browse our pre-made bouquets priced at $10, $12, $15 and $20; select an existing arrangement in a vase; or order a custom arrangement (starting at $30, advance notice required).  If you would like to choose a few bunches and have us combine them, we can wrap them in cellophane and tissue with ribbon for a nominal charge.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, no.  Because we are a small shop within an upscale, urban farmer’s market, we just don’t have the space to prepare and store floral deliveries.

What’s the difference between a bunch, bouquet and arrangement?

Bunches are a single type and color of flower, such as orange Asiatic lilies, yellow alstromeria, or pink carnations.  Bouquets are a mix of different flowers combined and wrapped with greens.  Arrangements are a combination of flowers and greens in a vase or other container.  The prices vary by size and type of flower, but typically bunches are the least expensive option, followed by bouquets and then arrangements.

How do I order an arrangement to pick up?

You can either call us at 215-625-6667 or stop in at the shop during business hours (though opening and closing time is especially busy).  We’ll ask you for your price range, and it’s helpful to know any other details, such as “My wife loves wildflowers” or “He doesn’t care for pink and purple” or “I need something appropriate for my boss’s 50th birthday.” The more we know about the recipient, the more expertise we can offer — for instance, flowers for someone in the hospital are usually arranged to face in one direction from a windowsill, while flowers for a dinner party should look balanced all the way around. Once we have an idea what you need, we’ll take a deposit and arrange a pickup time. Thanks for thinking of us — we’ll make you glad you did!

How long will my flowers last?

We try to make sure everything we sell will last at least a week, and some varieties can last for two.  There are a few kinds (irises spring to mind) that are more delicate and just don’t have the same longevity.  Regardless of the flower, they will do best if you cut the stems immediately before putting them in your vase.  A callus starts to form as soon as flowers are removed from water, and it makes it hard for them to drink when they are put back in.  Cutting the stems allows them to rehydrate properly, so changing the water every few days, and  recutting them when you do, will give you maximum bloom and freshness.  Keeping them out of direct sunlight helps, too!

Do you use/provide flower food?

We put packets of flower food in with each purchase, but it’s important to use the right proportions of food to water.  Flower food contains sugar to “feed” the flowers and antibacterials to keep the water clean.  If the mix is too weak or too concentrated, it doesn’t help and can actually reduce freshness.  If you don’t want to take out a measuring cup to mix it, plain water is fine — just change it often and recut the stems when you do.

Do you do wedding bouquets and boutonnieres?

We don’t do event flowers for the same reason we don’t deliver.  Our shop is like a little jewel box with flowers bursting from every surface.  We simply don’t have the space to work on structured compositions.  But thanks for checking, and congratulations on your special day!





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